Sewing Adventures

Rebuilding a wardrobe, thoughts on starting

By Susan | Comments: 1 | February 13, 2018

While we are in temporary accommodation I’m without any kind of sewing machines and post fire I own about 5 paper patterns (my digital patterns survived) and my stash has been severely reduced. Additionally I have only about a small suitcase worth of clothes left. A few dresses, my jeans, 3 tops some underwear and

Sewing Adventures: another lingerie set

By Susan | December 15, 2017

Not content with giving my friend one matching set of lingerie I thought I’d add another not quite a set to her parcel. After the success of sewing the Delphine thong I decided to try another one, this time in a soft stretch lace and without the additional back coverage. The lace from Pitt Trading

Sewing Adventures: Euler bra and Delphine thong

By Susan | December 15, 2017

Recently a friend was lamenting the lack of cool lingerie that covered the tummy and yet still looked youthful. Naturally I knew I could sew a solution and because it was for a friend I knew I’d make her a matching set. The Euler bra by Sophie Hines was an obvious choice as I’ve made

Sewing Adventures: Kitty Pillowcase of glitter

By Susan | November 22, 2017

During August I set myself the task of reducing my To Do pile. Did I succeed? well a little. The pile is still enormous but I managed to get some things done. One of the things I did get done was to turn this impulse buy of glitter cat fabric from Spotlight into a pillow

Sewing Adventures: Sashiko Panels

By Susan | Comments: 2 | October 25, 2017

Having started doing Sashiko stitching earlier in the year, I find that I want to keep doing more. I picked up some pre printed panels from etsy and BeBe Bold. Having them pre printed feels like cheating and then you realise just how wonderful it is to have them pre printed. It’s so easy and

Sewing Adventures: Running Sloths

By Susan | Comments: 2 | October 24, 2017

This top has been in the to do pile for at least 2 years? Possibly longer. I ordered the sloths when I got some pandas (you can see the pandas made up here). Originally I had planned them as running tops and the pandas work ok but the fabric just isn’t good enough for summer

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Hi, I'm Susan. A designer living in Sydney, Australia.

Here I share tales of my sewing, my pattern collection and insights into what it's like to work as a professional fashion designer.

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