Sewing Adventures

Sewing Adventures: Kitty Pillowcase of glitter

By Susan | Comments: 0 | November 22, 2017

During August I set myself the task of reducing my To Do pile. Did I succeed? well a little. The pile is still enormous but I managed to get some things done. One of the things I did get done was to turn this impulse buy of glitter cat fabric from Spotlight into a pillow

Sewing Adventures: Sashiko Panels

By Susan | Comments: 2 | October 25, 2017

Having started doing Sashiko stitching earlier in the year, I find that I want to keep doing more. I picked up some pre printed panels from etsy and BeBe Bold. Having them pre printed feels like cheating and then you realise just how wonderful it is to have them pre printed. It’s so easy and

Sewing Adventures: Running Sloths

By Susan | Comments: 2 | October 24, 2017

This top has been in the to do pile for at least 2 years? Possibly longer. I ordered the sloths when I got some pandas (you can see the pandas made up here). Originally I had planned them as running tops and the pandas work ok but the fabric just isn’t good enough for summer

Sewing Adventures: Peak To Do

By Susan | Comments: 3 | August 1, 2017

I’ve reached peak “to do”. As a lover of lists and eternally trying to be organized, when I’m working on a project I pack up all the relevant details and pop them into a zip lock bag. Then they go into the “to do” box. In theory this works fine. In a year of stress,

Sewing Adventures: The Betty Blouse

By Susan | Comments: 2 | June 30, 2017

In my head the outfit was to be a simple pair of elastic waist pants and a boxy top. The fate of the pants you know about in the Simplicity pants of mehness, the boxy top is an entirely other story and a much nicer one at that. I wanted a simple boxy top and

Sewing Adventures: Lisette B6169 dress in floaty rayon

By Susan | June 26, 2017

As you’ve probably gathered a lot of my recent makes and crafts have all been based around either being in hospital or post surgery. Before I went to hospital it was fairly stressful so I made a list of what would be needed. Pajamas, robes, outfits for post hospital and crafts to do while recovering.

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