More about us

Measure Twice Cut Once was created when I realised that as much as I love being a fashion designer as a job, the simple act of creating via sewing is still a very necessary part of my life. Too much time away from the sewing machine and I get a bit jittery.

Before I started school I knew I wanted to be a designer, primary, school, high school were all just a way to get to design college and then into the industry. Years of hard work with amazing co workers and fantastic brands, yet virtually no one figured out I sewed most of my clothes. It’s just not something that is done within the industry so I was always slightly an anomaly.

So Measure Twice Cut Once was created to share my love of sewing, my knowledge of the fashion industry and the joy I have for creating. The aim is to provide industry level patterns, instructions and design for the home sewer.

When not sewing or working, I can be found running, cycling, paddleboarding, baking, traveling, adding to my extensive shoe collection or curled up with a cup of tea, a good book and my cat on my lap.