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Sewing Adventures – Soma Swimsuit and Bikini

By Susan | Comments: 5 | March 14, 2016

Over this summer I’ve been making plenty of swimsuits. I’ve taken up paddleboarding which I find it wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable. With views like this it would be hard not to. It also means new outfits were needed. I enjoy making swimmers and it’s so nice to use the gorgeous prints from Pitt Trading. One

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Sewing Adventures: Nookie bikini

By Susan | Comments: 2 | August 24, 2015

  When you wake up to a cold, grey and wet day with a to do list that is a mile long, well naturally you shove all that aside and make a swimsuit sample don’t you? Years ago one of the very first issues of Frankie magazine came with a free swimsuit pattern. This pattern

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Sewing Adventures – Alison Swimsuit

By Susan | Comments: 3 | August 4, 2015

Wow just wow, I almost don’t have words for how bad the instructions and pattern for these BurdaStyle Alison swimmers are. I expect Burda instructions to be brief and I’m fine with that as I rarely read pattern instructions to begin with. But when the pattern pieces themselves are mislabeled, missing information, have spelling mistakes