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Sewing Adventures – Return of Simplicity 8048

By Susan | Comments: 2 | October 31, 2016

Sometimes you like a dress so much you just have to make another one, so that’s what I did! You may remember the African Wax print fabric I made into Simplicity 8048? Well I love wearing it, the swishy skirt, the flatness around the waistline and the overall fit is super comfortable and flattering to

Sewing Adventures – Embroidered Coral and Cream dress

By Susan | Comments: 6 | March 7, 2016

One of my goals this year is to reduce my stash, by sewing more of it. I have some gorgeous fabrics that I have bought, been given or picked up along the way and they sit in boxes. No more I say, it’s all the good fabrics everyday around here. This is one such fabric.

Sewing Adventures: a tale of 2 dresses

By Susan | Comments: 23 | September 1, 2014

Over the past few weeks I have set myself the task of getting my “to do” pile of sewing down to a more manageable size. My usual way of preparing a garment to be sewn is to cut it out, include all the fabrics, trims, interfacing, pattern etc into a jumbo zip lock bag, seal

Sewing Adventures – Paris Malvarosa dress

By Susan | Comments: 16 | August 18, 2014

I have dreamt about going to Paris for forever, like forever forever. In my mind I always had it worked out that I could be there in July when it would be summer, I could celebrate my birthday there with The Englishman, the couture shows are on and the Tour de France finishes in Paris.

Designer Inspiration – Galliano

By Susan | May 15, 2014

Galliano has long been on of my favourite designers. I loved the sheer over the top, put as many influences as we can into one outfit and then make it bigger type of style that he has. Naturally along with everyone else I was horrified to hear the dreadful things he said and his downfall.

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By Susan | Comments: 4 | May 9, 2014

White clothes can get a bad wrap, too pristine, too hospital, too clinical. but therein can lie it’s deceptive quality. A clean slate with which to shine. It always looks so crisp and perfect, a wonderful foil with which to play with textures and layering or to make accessories stand out. Personally I would love

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