Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having problems downloading digital patterns from the website?

– you get 3 downloads of each pattern before it will no longer work, this is as a security measure. If you are still having issues and have exhausted your 3 tries drop me an email and I’ll sort it out.
– tablets/phones have issues, I’m not sure why as it only happens sometimes but if you have a desktop computer try it and it may solve your problem.
– if it’s the free Darcy short pattern you can always add to your cart again to get a new copy

I only want the free pattern why do I have to give my address?

In order to comply with all the tax for various countries and systems we require an actual address to ensure that all happens correctly. Unfortunately that cannot be disabled for the free patterns hence why it asks for your full address.

Can I give a fake address?

Yes you can but certain aspects of it need to be based in reality or your order will not be processed. Please do not use the address and notes section to swear or leave profane messages. You are getting a free pattern it’s not too much to ask that you be polite.

I got charged VAT/Tax/GST

Sorry folks that is one we can’t skip. In order to run the business I need to comply with local tax laws and use plugins to ensure the correct tax is paid for each country/state/county.

The pattern suggests using X fabric for best results, I want to use a fabric that is not recommended what will happen?

If you are using a fabric that is different to what is recommended you will need to sew a toile/test/muslin to see what will happen. Some things will be a disaster others may work but you will need to trial it out first.

Postage is a bit high can you send it a cheaper way?

Postage is worked out via a plugin that uses your addresses and then queries the Australia Post current price list and calculates your postage. It’s normally pretty accurate but occasionally there are problems. If it seems crazy high let me know and I can double check to make sure we can’t sort out something better.

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