Sewing Adventures: Kitty Pillowcase of glitter

By Susan | Comments: 0 | November 22, 2017

During August I set myself the task of reducing my To Do pile. Did I succeed? well a little. The pile is still enormous but I managed to get some things done.

One of the things I did get done was to turn this impulse buy of glitter cat fabric from Spotlight into a pillow case. Super simple. Just measured the width of a current pillow case. Did a snip and tore the fabric, fold in half right sides together, folded back the selvedge edges to create the envelope style end fold and went up the sides using my overlocker.

Simple, easy effective. Would be perfect for presents and using up fabric leftovers.

So basically a speedy make full of WIN. Except it isn’t.

It’s like the pillow equivalent of a magnet for cat hair. It seems to pull all the cat hair from all over the apartment and is routinely covered with really big tumble weed style balls of fur. It’s terrible. It’s so gritty and awful. Definitely in the wrong fabric for it’s purpose category. Learn from my mistakes and don’t use this one for pillows, it may look cute but soon it will be as fuzzy as the cat!

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