Sewing Adventures: Running Sloths

By Susan | Comments: 2 | October 24, 2017

This top has been in the to do pile for at least 2 years? Possibly longer. I ordered the sloths when I got some pandas (you can see the pandas made up here).
Originally I had planned them as running tops and the pandas work ok but the fabric just isn’t good enough for summer running. So I’ve found that it makes it into the rotation for walks, weights and being on the bike trainer (like spin class but you get to use your own bike).

The sloths have been just waiting for the hemming to be done since the day after the pandas were made. Earlier in the year when I had planned to get a coverstitch machine this was going to be first thing I did. Then the getting of a coverstitch turned into a debacle and once again the sloths got set aside.

During my month of getting stuff done, I got my new Prym jersey twin needle, threaded it up and spent about 15 minutes finishing it off. Am so glad I did. Not only is it finished it also makes a nice addition to my current work out wear (current work outs consisting of walking or bike trainer, not allowed to do anything else yet). I still feel (and look!) quite swollen so I know these photos are in no way flattering but they are an accurate reflection of where I’m currently at.

The twin needle works like a dream. Perfect stitching and just glides over the fabric with not a care in the world. I’ll certainly be putting it through it’s paces on all kinds of knit projects from now on. Speaking of dreams, how lovely is my running view?

Overall I’m enjoying the sloths, much like the pandas I feel like the scale is too big and creates a kiddy type look as opposed to a cool print look. The fabric is fine for activities that don’t create huge amounts of sweat but the face of the fabric is quite easily affected. I already have more than one pull in the fabric from it snagging on a pin, my nails or general no rough useage.

Pattern: Women’s Racer Back Singlet from the Measure Twice Cut Once Basics range
Fabric: Activewear jersey from Spoonflower
Alterations: lengthened, graded out 2 sizes from Bust to Hem.


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