Everyone deserves Pretty Lingerie: Seamwork Alamda robe

By Susan | June 9, 2017

The moment I saw the Seamwork Alamda regrammed by Sophie from Ada Spragg I knew I had to give it a try, I really liked the sleeves and front tie and was smitten.
Cue a few weeks after that and this gorgeous silk came into Pitt Trading. Besides the lilac there is nothing here I normally like, peach, animal print all usually end in a big NO from me. This however I found irresistible. So I grabbed some.
In the meantime I’d read a few reviews and almost all of them complained about how short the gown was. Now not being blessed in the leg department I didn’t think I had much to worry about but when I cut it out I cut to the very longest length possible.
Then like so many great projects it got packed into the “current projects” box and left for a year. Not the best that’s for sure.
Then a few weeks ago knowing I was bound for hospital, I grabbed it from it’s super large zip lock bag, French seamed the sides, shoulders and attached the bands and created the bands. It took like no time at all! Seriously fast make.

I didn’t like the way the neckline was finished by just turning it under and topstitching. It seemed a bit down market for a garment that is a huge fabric eater and due to the fact I used silk I wanted a better finish. So I cut bias strips and created my own binding. Silk bias binding is certainly a thing you cannot rush so I spent an enjoyable afternoon carefully ironing it into place.
The bias finish went on really well except I want to do a better mitre on the corners.
I also cut the front ties longer, in fact I cut them the entire width of the fabric. This allows me to either wrap it around me or tie it in a very huge looping bow at the front. It’s cute but I probably wouldn’t do this next time as if you are just quickly throwing the gown on you can trip over the long ties.

Overall I really like it as a gown, it has good coverage but allows for plenty of movement, the silk is wonderfully lightweight yet keeps you warm and the whole thing packs to practically nothing.
Definite win and would make again.

The weather has been atrocious the last few days and I’ve missed getting some extra photos of this make, am hoping I can add some more in soon!

Pattern: Seamwork Almada very luxurious would make again
Alterations: narrow bias binding to finish neckline and front edges, super long front ties
Fabric: Designer silk from Pitt Trading




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