Everyone deserves Pretty Lingerie: Ohhh Lulu Romper

By Susan | Comments: 2 | June 7, 2017

I’ve long admired Ohhh Lulu patterns and her style. I really like the fabrics and lace combos she comes up with. They seem cute and feminine but with this cool edge to them somehow?


The Evelyn romper is one I’ve been swaying back and forth on since it came out. “Oh it’s cute!” “Perfect to help use up my silk stash” to “is it comfy?” “Are the legs too short?” “Will it look weird on my shape?”. So I finally gave in, bought it and made it up.

I got the .pdf and it went together well, there is a slight mistake on one of the first pages where some of the size lines are marked incorrectly. Just keep an eye out for it and once you have the pages taped together trace your own size using a highlighter so it doesn’t get confusing.

First the sewing. It’s a bit of a fabric eater as it’s all on bias but not overly so. According to the sizing I’m a different bottom to top size so as I cut out the bottoms I angled the side seams to match the same same I was going to cut the top in. I dived into the stash and found a cute vintage cotton seersucker to use.

Once I started sewing it went together with utter ease. Everything lines up, all the sizes match together. Such a nice way to sew when patterns just work.
The self fabric bias is a really nice touch. I like the wider style on this cotton but I think if I did use a silk I might take it narrower just to add to the delicate nature of the style?

Initially the waist is meant to be a casing that elastic is threaded through. Because this is a toile and I have heaps of lingerie elastic I used that instead and topstitched it into place. The triple stitch zig zag made short work of it and looks wise it’s fine on the cotton. Again on a fancier silk set I would do the casing as I think it looks better in the fabric with more sheen.

Comfort wise I’m still testing them out. I’m a super wriggly sleeper so wasn’t sure how they were going to fare or if they were best suited for lounging about at home in the hot weather? They are very cheeky cut on the bottom, like very. Someone asked me if it could be used as a romper for day wear? Well it could but it would expose quite a lot of your bottom?

The front comes quite low exposing cleavage but you don’t feel like you are going to fall out of it? I don’t know how to properly explain it but it kind of covers you up and yet shows a lot of skin at the same time? Cute but certainly puts it in the wear to bed only category.
Pattern: Ohhh Lulu Evelyn Romper very cute would make again
Alterations: narrow bias binding for silk, do waist casing for silk, potentially add some length and even lace to the leg hems?
Fabric: vintage printed cotton seersucker from the stash


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