Working with Prym Products

By Susan | March 15, 2017

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the team at Prym Consumer who were interested in getting more sewers using their products. I’d seen some of their products being used online and was impressed at how clever they were.

After some back and forth discussing ideas they decided the best thing was to send me a bunch of products and essentially let me play.

Cue  2 enormous boxes of products turning up just after The Englishman broke his shoulder. I had to unpack straight away as the boxes were too big to stay inside our tiny apartment (though the cat was thrilled with having more boxes to sit in). I had a quick look and my jaw dropped at how fabulous a quality the products were. Due to all that we have had going on I packed them all up and popped them to one side.

Fast forward to this week and it’s been my first time to sit down and go through everything properly and figure out how I’m going to use it all. Seriously it was like Christmas, so much good stuff and my brain kind of exploded on all the ideas I kept coming up with.

As always I’m going to be honest about the products. If I love them I’m going to say so, if I’m impressed I’ll say so, if it’s too fiddly or tricky or just plain doesn’t work then I’ll be telling you that too. While I got the products for free and intend on using them all, I’m going to be upfront about the whole thing and it will be utterly transparent.

Am hoping it will introduce you and me to some great new products.For anyone who is keen on giving some a try? The awesome team at Minerva Crafts is offering you a discount on any Prym products. Just enter SUSAN at the checkout




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