Sewing Adventures – sock Giraffe

By Susan | Comments: 1 | February 10, 2017

A good friend recently had her baby shower and I had to make her a gift. I knew I wanted to make a sock toy as that’s my go to gift for all the small people in my life. Naturally I used a Craft Schmaft pattern as Claire’s patterns are the best and the cutest!

The patterns are wonderfully laid out and simple to follow. I didn’t have any grey socks in my sock toy supplies but a quick trip to Uniqlo and a beautiful textured pair was found. I had stuffing on hand and the yellow double satin ribbon I got at Pitt Trading.

Because I used men’s business socks he ended up quite tall which is kind of cool but did make his neck/head combo a little floppy.

I love the horns they are so cute! The ruffle is created by sealing the ends of the ribbon (I used a match), gathering it and stitching it along the head and down the back. It’s looks speculator but I had a little difficulty because the ribbon is such thick amazing quality my handsewing needles didn’t want to go through it! I ended up using my super sharp very fine embroidery needles to get it done.

I hope the soon to be mum liked it and that her soon to be born baby likes it too?

In my pre blogging days I had made another version of the Giraffe for one of my sisters kids. A slightly more colourful version.

Pattern: GRaff from Craft Schmaft
Fabric: grey socks from uniqlo, yellow ribbon from Pitt Trading, stuffing from stash
Changes for next time: none

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  • Kathryn
    February 10, 2017

    Aww these are both brilliant!! What a great idea for a new baby present and I’m sure this new giraffe will be well loved. I’d forgotten about Craft Schmitt, I always meant to buy & make that hot air balloon mobile!

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