Sewing Adventures- Boxy pouch with pandas!

By Susan | February 13, 2017

I rarely indulge in ordering from Miss Matatabi because well let’s face it. I could ship the entire store to my house and still want more? I adore the prints, the quality and the entire Japanese aesthetic.

So last year after a particularly crappy time of it, I made up an order and eagerly awaited my parcel. As suspected it was all amazing.

I knew I wanted to make a boxy style pouch to carry some of my sewing bits and pieces with me to classes that I teach. I tried to make up a pattern and got distracted, I tried searching for a pattern and could never find exactly what I needed. Then I spotted it, the perfect boxy pouch.

The Thrifty Stitcher is Claire Lousie (or CL) is a good friend and I sent her an email asking her about it? She kindly sent me the link to the handouts she uses for class and they are genius! seriously if you want to learn how to sew in London go and see her. Not lucky enough to live in London? Then take her online class she is brilliant and her way of explaining things is spot on. You truly are “learning to sew with a pro”

Following her expert guidance I made my pouch and I added a lining too (that bit I did on my own, it wasn’t in the notes). Super happy with the result too. I’d actually like another one that is bigger, I might add some kind of stabilization to that one to help maintain it’s shape.

Pattern: Boxy pouch from The Thrifty Stitcher
Fabric: pandas (not currently available but here are other awesome Panda fabrics) from Miss Matatabi
Changes for next time: brilliant as is, perhaps do a second bigger size with stabilization just to carry a few more things?




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