Sewing Adventures – Papercut Patterns Pneuma Tank

By Susan | Comments: 2 | October 27, 2016


Continuing on my journey of making my own activewear, I’ve tackled the Papercut patterns Pneuma tank.

It’s a different style to what I normally wear for running and I thought it might make a good top for when I’m doing weights? The looseness of the style lending itself to a bit more airflow? Or so the thinking went anyway.


I followed the instructions in a loose way (interpret that as blundered in got most of the way done and went huh? And had to read the instructions). Constructionally I understand while some things were instructed to be done in that way but honestly am not happy with the finish at the straps on either the front or back? It’s fine it just feels a little clumsy? If I ever make it again I’ll try and figure out how to enclose the straps and make where the overlay is attached less bulky? It just seems to add bulk to the garment in weird spots? Am really hoping it works better while being worn?

The underneath layer is made from the same black moisture wicking Lycra I used for my tights, the overlay is a technical pointelle style mesh that I got from The Fabric Store a few years ago.

I’ve shown it on my dummy so you can see the straps. I’ve used both wide and narrow strapping elastic just for a bit of variation. I’ll wear a sports bra under it when I wear it, the underneath not being supportive enough for my needs. The dummy is smaller than I am hence why it looks a little baggy.


I’ve tried it out while doing an NTC session and some kettlebells. It’s ok, it stays put, doesn’t ride up and you can’t feel it (all real sportswear shouldn’t be able to be felt while working out, if it can be then something is not working). I quite like the way it performs, the way it looks on me is less than flattering. It’s possible using a softer more drapey fabric for the overlay is key to getting it looking less sack like. The bunching near the front straps is particularly unflattering and makes me feel very big while wearing it.

Overall it’s ok but am certainly not in a rush to make more.

This is what happens when someone decides their yoga mat is all theirs…moments after this she tried to get belly pats while I was doing push ups and when that didn’t work attacked my head while I was doing a plank drill.


Fabric: black Lycra from the stash, pink mesh from The Fabric Store (approx 2 years ago).
Trims: from the stash
Pattern: Papercut Patterns Pneuma tank
Alterations: figure out a better way to attach the straps, reduce bulk of overlay at strap joining point.


  • Helen R
    October 27, 2016

    Looks good! I’ve made this twice and agree with you on the finishing. The second time I made it I lined the bra with powemesh and enclosed all the raw edges using a tut from petit josettes blog.. much better !

    • Susan Goodwin
      October 27, 2016

      Ohhh I like that way of finishing off the straps much better!

      At this stage I don’t think I’ll make another one. It was somewhat hard to get out of, so that and the less than flattering looks makes me think maybe not? Who knows if the works outs work perhaps I may change my mind??

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