Sewing Adventures – Cycling Kit bags

By Susan | October 7, 2016

Cycling is a serious business around here. I don’t get out near as much as I used to nor indeed want to but The Englishman is out as often as he can.

On weekends they meet early so it’s often a pre dawn wake up call. The night before the bikes are prepped and all the kit is set out. All of which is awesome except for one little or should I say big and fuzzy member of the family.


If she decides to be a brat there is always the worry that she will claw the kit or even worse be sick on it (hey, she’s furry she gets hairballs). For his birthday last year I got The Englishman a particularly gorgeous set of kit by chpt3 it came individually packaged in linen bags. Such beautiful presentation and perfect solution for a situation like ours. Fast forward a year and I’ve finally got round to making more cloth bags to house more kit. In contrast to the lovely understated chpt3 ones I went with Day of the Dead inspired cats and dogs.


day of the dead cycling bags - 1

day of the dead cycling bags - 5


It’s a simple fold over construction and I added a bit of elastic in order to keep the lid closed. I made a pattern out of some A4 paper sheets, cut out the fabric and overlocked it all together then turned under and topstitched around the front flap. Super simple, super speedy.

day of the dead cycling bags - 3

day of the dead cycling bags - 4

Cue one very happy cyclist and one cat plotting revenge.

Fabric: Quilting cotton from Spotlight from the Calavera range (not sure if that is available in other countries or not?).

Trims: narrow black elastic from stash

Pattern: made my own

Alterations for next time: black ones are a little on the snug side, white ones a better size. Make a bigger version for winter kit.




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