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Everyone deserves Pretty Lingerie – Esme Pants and Rosie Bra

By Susan | Comments: 1 | June 9, 2016

I spotted this set on instagram and thought it would be so sweet made up in the Tumeric lace kit I had in the shop. I sort of forgot about it till Evie La Luve had a birthday sale and they I grabbed both pieces so I could give them a try.


When cutting out the pattern I noticed it had a few small errors (not lining up in certain areas) nothing major just something I noted.

rosie bra

I’ve made the Rosie Bra with no lining just the lace and the mesh. I think next time I might try going down a size in the Rosie Bra as it could afford to be a little more snug.

bra detail

The instructions weren’t super clear. There are written instructions and then photos underneath but I found many of the photos were too close up for me to see clearly what is happening. I found it easier to look at the finished photos and figure it out from there. My advice would just be to go slow and keep another bra on hand to follow along with if necessary?


The Esme pants are cute, I’m not sure if I got my size right but I’ll check after wearing them as it’s always hard to tell with just a quick try on. I had a little bit of trouble getting the gusset and crotch right, a few lines of extra stitching and it’s all fine just not as neat as I’d like. I couldn’t find my fold over elastic so I just used regular picot elastic for the waistband and it seems to have worked fine.


I really like the way the lace crosses from the front to the back it’s a really cute detail.

lace sides

Fabric: Tumeric lace and trims from Measure Twice Cut Once store black spot mesh and black viscose jersey purchased at Pitt Trading.

Pattern: Esme pants and Rosie Bra from Evie la Luve

Alterations: Try a size down on the bra next time.

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  • Leanne Webber
    June 9, 2016

    I too have used the Rosie Bra pattern and love the tumeric lace you have used, looks gorgeous! I must say I didn’t have any issues with the pattern not matching up and I have used it a few times now however I did feel that the bra could be a little more snug but was happy to see that the instructions do cater for this as they advise to try on the bra and take in at the back if required ( nice touch as we girls unfortunately do not come in all the same shapes and sizes, if we did I’d like to be a size 8 leggy brunette, but I digress 🙂 I loved this pattern and will be looking forward to trying one in that turmeric lace!


    The Esme pants look super cute they will be in the basket to buy very soon as they do make a nice set! Plus it’ll keep the hubby on his toes 🙂

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