Sewing Adventures – Mens Jinbei jacket and shorts

By Susan | Comments: 2 | March 17, 2016

Recently I ended up with some unexpected free time so I cut out 3 pairs of shorts for The Englishman and finished the Jinbei jacket that has been cut for ages but needed a band and ties before being finished. These are all just casual around the house pieces. After long cycling rides it’s nice for him to have something comfortable to potter about the house.

jinbei shorts

I used the same pattern I did here. It’s one I picked up from Nomura Tailor in Kyoto for a men’s Jinbei consisting of jacket and shorts/pants.

fabric close up

Shorts 1 – Japanese cotton Lawn from Spotlight. These ended up shorter than expected as the cutting on the fabric piece was so bad by the time I straightened out the grain I was more than 5 cm either end shorter than expected. Still they will be fine for your very hot days in the summer.

Shorts 2 – Navy blue stripe. I picked this up as a remnant at Pitt Trading and I’m fairly sure it’s a Japanese milled fabric. It looks beautiful quality but may need a wash or two to soften up a bit more?

Shorts 3 – blue and white stripe denim. Lightweight fabric I picked up forever ago in Cabramatta. I seem to have miles of it so it must’ve been cheap but it’s super quality and am slightly kicking myself for not making a dress from it as well.

jinbei jacket

Jinbei jacket –  I finally seem to have got the sizing right for The Englishman. I need it to be boxy but not swamp him so I cut it slightly narrower through the body but maintained the wider shoulders and boxy arms.

Fabric: various sources – see above

Pattern: Men’s Jinbei from Nomura Tailor

Alterations:  Cut size small width, size Large length in shorts, slight narrowing of hem of jacket.


  • Sharon
    March 19, 2016

    Those shorts look perfect for relaxing in, I know my DH would love some.

  • Guy Dawson
    April 3, 2016

    I like all cotton shorts and its fabric. It is stay comfortable for summer. Whenever i go for evening walk and running i often wear it. Recently i got it in different color. I also like its light and attractive jacket. Thanks for sharing.

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