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Named Clothing – Beverly Twisted Bikini Sewalong – Top

By Susan | Comments: 2 | February 17, 2016


I hope everyone has been having fun with their swimwear sewing? This is the final installment in the sewalong and it’s been pushed back to today as I had so many requests for more time as people wanted to join in.

Don’t forget to share your makes using the hashtag #SewBeverlyBikini so we can see all your beautiful bikinis.

So let’s get started on the top. The outer of mine will be the same beautiful red paisley I’ve been using for the bottoms and the lining will be the solid darker red I used for the front contrast panel on the bottoms.

Stitch your darts into the outer and lining fabrics


Sew the side seam of the outer panels.

1 front side seams

Iron interfacing into the seam allowance of the lining.

2 interfaced seam

Sew the side seam of the lining. Note that the side seam is 2 different widths for the lining. The front panel has 2cm and the back panel has 1cm.

3 offset side seams

Press the seam towards the back, turn the extra seam allowance of the front panel under to create a little channel.

5 pinned channel

Stitch the channel down.

6 sewn channel

Placing the lining and the outer right sides together prepare to sew along the top edges of the panels. Go up one side, along the narrow top edge and down the other side.

7 pinned for straps

As you sew the panels together you will also be attaching in the elastic. I’m using my overlocker and the same method I used for inserting the clear elastic into the pants.

8 elastic sewing

9 sewn in elastic

Once you’ve done both sides, turn them right side out.

Take your boning and cut it to length, be sure to cut it shorter than the full length of the channel as there is a seam allowance at the bottom.

10 measuring boning

Before inserting your boning, quickly run it through a lit match so the flame seals the ends. Then insert it into the channel.

11 inserting boning

Lay the underbust band down, wrong side up. Matching the notches, line up the 2 front panels and pin into place. Once pinned this line is then stitched.

12 pinning band

13 sewn band

Fold underbust band in half, tuck under the seam allowance and pin into place.

14 pinned for topstitching

Topstitch underbust band.

15 topstitched

Using a safety pin thread your elastic through the underbust band. Make sure it stays flat and doesn’t twist. Once inserted stitch the elastic in place at either end.

Thread the ends of the underbust band (now with inserted elastic) and thread it through your bikini clasp. Pin in place and then securely stitch. My camera has made my clasp look pink! it’s actually not but just looks weird in photos for some reason?

16 back clip

Try your bikini on, check where the knot is. You may need to secure it with a few stitches. Experiment with different twists to see what suits you best.

17 finished top

and you are done!

This has been so much fun, I hope everyone has enjoyed themselves, learnt some new skills and ended up with beautiful bikinis!

As always if you have any questions just let me know and hopefully I’ll be back soon with a round up of all the fantastic swimwear we’ve created!

Huge thank you to Named Clothing for allowing me to do the sewalong and for providing me with the pattern, also to Pitt Trading for providing my amazing fabrics and trims. Finally thanks to Jillian and Kirsty for asking me to do the sewalong in the first place.



  • Helen R
    February 17, 2016

    hi! Did you have any ideas how to do an fba on the top? im narrow through the back but a DD cup so I’m pretty sure that the pattern won’t fit as drafted.Any advice is welcome!

    • Susan Goodwin
      February 21, 2016

      Hi, I’ll try and photograph it this week if I can?

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