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Named Clothing – Beverly Twisted Bikini Sewalong, making a higher rise pant

By Susan | February 5, 2016


Thank you for the great response to the sewalong, I hope you are enjoying it?

A few people have requested a more high rise style pant bottom for a bit more coverage. So here’s how to achieve a higher pant.

First trace out the size that you require according to the size chart included in the pattern. For the adjustment we need the front, side front and back to start with. Mark in 2 places where you are going to add the extra height.

Why 2 places? you want to keep the balance of the style intact and if you just put it all on the top it can result in a weird look or odd fit.


On your body measure from crotch to the desired height of your pant. Measure the current pattern pieces. If you need to add say 5cm in height then split that measurement between the 2 lines marked for adding the extra height.

Here the grey lines indicate where the extra height has been added, don’t worry about the side seam we are going to fix that in the next step.


Next we are going to reshape the side seam. You are aiming for a nice smooth line from hip to waist. Since the pant is now higher the waist will need to come in a bit to account for the tapering of your body towards the waist. If the difference between your hip to waist is large, measure your waist and taper in the seam according to your measurements.

The blue line is the smoothing of the side seam and the gradual taper for the waist. I’ve taped both the front and side front panel so that the front panel doesn’t get too wide in comparison to the side panel. It’s all about maintaining the balance of the design.


Double check all your adjusted seams to ensure that all match each other in length so your bikini will fit back together correctly. Re mark all pattern markings including the positioning of the front twisted panel.


Now you have a higher rise bikini pant! Once you’ve got the outer panels all sorted, follow the same principals to increase the height of your lining too.

If you’ve got any questions or need clarification on anything just ask and I can help you out.

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