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Named Clothing Beverly Twisted Bikini Sewalong – getting started

By Susan | February 2, 2016


Super exciting that so many of you are going to take the plunge into making your own swimwear. You will not be disappointed.

Before we get to the sewing there is a few things we are going to need

First up the pattern. Named have set up a 20% discount code on PDF and printed patterns of the Beverly Twisted Bikini that can be redeemed until the 10th of February. Just use the code sewbeverlybikini at the checkout.

• Fabric: 95 – 120 cm / 1 – 1½ yd
• Lining: 35 – 40 cm / ½ yd
• Fusible knit interfacing: 10 cm / 4”
• 15 mm / ½” wide elastic band: Your chest measurement (measure under the bust)
• Clear elastic: approximately 300 – 350 cm / 120 – 130”
• 1,5 cm / ½” clip clasp
• 8 mm rigilene boning: 20 cm / 8”

We will be starting with making the bottoms so it gives you a bit of extra time to source some boning and bikini clasp as those are the pieces people have already asked questions on where to source them.

Not on the list but highly recommended is a knit fabric specific sewing machine needle. As many patterned swimwear fabrics are sublimation printed they have a coloured top and a white underneath. Using a new sharp fine needle means any needle penetration marks are small and lessons the chances of having any of that white peep through at the seams or hems.

Fabric choice makes a big difference with swimwear, you want to ensure that you get a quality 2 way stretch knit lycra/elastane/spandex with good recovery. Because the style includes twists choose a fabric that has a nice drape and isn’t too thick. Ideally you are looking for a fabric that is not see through, can be stretched a lot and still spring back into place.

Swimwear lining is soft almost crepe like in feel and often comes in black, white or cream. It’s great as it dries super fast and doesn’t add bulk. If you can’t source this try getting a very lightweight lycra jersey. I’ve used this before in swimsuits and it works quite well. Lastly if you are aiming for a super slick all white bikini consider double lining to add an extra level of opaqueness to your bikini.

The lovely ladies of Pitt Trading offered me my choice of fabrics for the sewalong, so hard to choose from all the beautiful prints they have instore. If you drop in or order on the online store (yes they post internationally) and need all the extras such as elastic, boning and other trims added to your order just let them know and they can arrange that. If you are instore a full list of all the components is behind the counter just in case you forget yours.

Some of the choices on offer




Other places to source swimwear fabrics from include Spandex House (USA) or Funki Fabrics (UK). Check your local fabric store too.

I hope this helps everyone figure out what they need to join in the sewalong, any questions just let me know. Share your fabric choices on social media using the hashtag #sewbeverlybikini so we can see what everyone is making.

Tomorrow we get to sewing!




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