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Sewing Adventures: Nookie bikini

By Susan | Comments: 2 | August 24, 2015



When you wake up to a cold, grey and wet day with a to do list that is a mile long, well naturally you shove all that aside and make a swimsuit sample don’t you?

Nookie bikini - 09

Years ago one of the very first issues of Frankie magazine came with a free swimsuit pattern. This pattern has been languishing in my stash since then.

Nookie bikini - 01

The pattern was based on a bikini by Nookie an Australian based swimsuit brand. The construction is remarkably straight forward. Cut out matching panels, stretch stitch them together and turn them out to create a reversible bikini.

Nookie bikini - 07

Nookie bikini - 12Made with more of the lush lycra from Pitt Trading I opted for a pink bandana style print on one side and a tropical floral for the other side. I’d actually be super tempted to make either of these into a one piece as well because I like the prints so much.

The top worked really well and fits me fairly well (though I was way too cold to photograph myself in it. Later in the summer will be sure to get some poolside pics).

Nookie bikini - 10Nookie bikini - 02 The bow in the centre is slightly smaller on me and I didn’t gather the sides as much to give myself a bit more coverage. But it’s as good as any ready to wear bikini I already own.

The pants are ok. A little lower at the front than I would prefer.

Nookie bikini - 11Nookie bikini - 03Nookie bikini - 14Nookie bikini - 05

They are held up with the side bows as there is no elastic in the waist.

Nookie bikini - 04

This feels a little flimsy. Possibly ok if you were just dunking yourself under water and then sitting on the beach but if you actually wanted to swim or dive or move around then there could be some problems? I’m also not keen on the roll top look you get with reversible bottoms.

Nookie bikini - 06

It just seems really sloppy and like bad DIY. Certainly not a finish I would aspire to. I might see how unpicking the top and inserting some clear elastic into the seam goes?

Pattern: Nookie bikini free from Frankie magazine

Alterations: didn’t make self fabric straps but used a matte elastic instead.

Fabric: Printed polyester Lycra provided by Pitt Trading Thanks for letting me have some of your lovely fabric to play with. It’s so soft and lush feeling but goes through the machine like a super stable knit.

Am really enjoying making swimsuits, will have to find some more patterns to try out!




  • Lizzy
    August 24, 2015

    Bravo! For some reason I’m really resistant to trying swimwear – not sure why. Maybe it’s that terror of not just failure but inflicted those changeroom horror moments on myself! I’ve really got to get over it & just try.
    Maybe if you added piping to the seams that might prevent the rollover?

    • Susan Goodwin
      August 26, 2015

      Jump in! it’s really easy and with quality fabrics like this it is so stable that the stitching is a dream.

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