Sewing Adventures – Japanese top and Tsurah Designs skirt


This past weekend there was a Sydney Spoolettes meet up with everyone invited to come to Pitt Trading for some Spring Fabric Shopping and indulge in some Cupcake Dolly cakes (just up the street from Pitt Trading).

square top - 2

I work Saturdays at Pitt Trading so it was fun to see the Spoolettes on work time and I grabbed the opportunity to get some photos taken of my new work top while at work. Huge thank you for Maria for taking the photos for me.

This is Top G from the Japanese pattern book Kristy nicknamed rectangles and circles with head holes.


This is one of the first times I’ve had problems understanding a Japanese pattern. Mostly because there was no way my neck or arms were ever going to work with the tiny pieces allowed for the neck and arm bands. So I calculated out my own bands and used them instead. I also cut the front neckline down a little lower as I don’t like things pressing against the bottom of my neck it makes me feel gaggy. I also twin needled down the neck and armbands. Fist Pump for twin needle stitching like an absolute dream and making the finish look so pro. I love my twin needle.

square top - 5

My fabric is a poly/lycra I bought from Pitt Trading. I like to wear their fabrics when I work there as I find it can be a good icebreaker with customers to talk about the fabrics and sometimes you see a fabric made up and it sparks a whole bunch of ideas you may not have thought about earlier? This is the same quality I’ve used for the Burda Swimsuit and the Nookie Bikini. It’s soft handfeel yet super stable to sew with and has a lovely drape. It really does work for so many patterns and styles.

square top - 1Talking always talking..

square top - 4

Overall I like the top it feels lovely and swishy on and is a great loose fit through the torso which I so like to wear as it’s so comfortable. Some people find the boxiness of some of the Japanese styles a bit overwhelming. I like the odd shapes as it gives me a chance to experiment with drape and proportion. At times like now when I’m feeling less than svelte I find it nice to still be able to wear an interesting piece that isn’t super fitted or super clingy. It gives me a chance to approach dressing on a different level than just trying to cover up what isn’t currently working for me.

square top - 3

The skirt I’m wearing is the Tsurah Designs straight skirt, which I pretty much live in at work (I now have 4 of them, you can see another one here) for me it’s the perfect ponte skirt. It takes about 30 minutes from cutting to hemming and BAM! new skirt. Love it.

Top Pattern: View G from rectangles and circles with head holes.

Alterations: dropped front neck, increased length of neck and arm bands, bands were attached and then twin needled down. Also no hem, the lycra doesn’t fray so I just cut super straight and left it raw.

Fabric: Printed Polyester/lycra purchased at Pitt Trading.

Skirt Pattern: Tsurah Designs straight skirt, made many times before.

Alterations: Shortened skirt to suit my height.

Fabric: Grey Marle Ponte purchased at Cabramatta.

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  1. Dilliander says: Reply

    Lovely photos and top!

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      Thank you!

  2. So nice to see you on Saturday! Love the top. I didn’t realize it was from the same book that I have. I also found the next and arm bands on one of mine were ridiculously small. No sure what’s wrong with that. till next time!

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      So glad I’m not the only one who had issues with that weird neck and armhole band bit!
      Lovely to see you as always.

  3. You look gorgeous! This top and skirt combo is totally you xx

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      you are a sweetheart, thank you!

  4. Love it, a very versatile fabric! I wish I lived closer, Pitt Trading is such a treasure trove.
    I’m looking forward to making some ‘rectangles and circles with holes cut out’ soon and love seeing them made up. Thanks for your mods as well, they help 😉

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      You can always order online or call the store and ask what is in stock?
      Can’t wait to catch up again.

  5. Love the fabric and your groovy top. How fun a fabric shop meet up. I managed to get to pitt trading a few weeks back on the way back,to canberra, quite a treasure trove.

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      So cool that you could drop in, the Spoolettes meet ups are so much fun, super inspiring.

  6. Looking lovely, gorgeous! And how nice are meet ups?! xxx

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      Aw, thanks!
      Meet ups are so very lovely, am hoping we can arrange more of them soon.

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