This weekend’s classes postponed


How’s everyone’s week going? Mine has been less than stellar as I’m sick, I’ve got a cold and am now on my 4th day of no voice. Nope nothing, nada, zip not even a squeak. I’ve been communicating with The Englishman via text message and increasingly crazy hand signals.

Which means I need to postpone this weekend’s scheduled soft bra class and knickers class. Not being able to talk will kind of put a dampner on being able to teach. For anyone who has already paid I’m offering a full refund or you can just transfer your payment to the next available class time as soon as it is announced (hopefully very soon).

I’m so sorry to have to delay it, but trust me no one wants to be around a sick person and certainly not one who has lost the ability to communicate. Now that I’ve let everyone know what is happening I’m off to drink more tea and shamelessly use the cat as a hot water bottle while I watch tv and nap.

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  1. Get better soon Susan!!!

  2. Oh no. I hope you feel better soon. Lot’s of soup and rub vicks on your feet and put socks on before bed 🙂

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      Thank you! I was on the soup making but had never heard of the vicks and socks trick, will give it a go!

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