This weekend the Spoolettes and I are attending a Shibori workshop and I am so excited, like really excited.

Since I found the workshop I’ve been madly pinning inspiration and ideas to my Shibori Pinterest board (um sorry if you got mega spammed during one of my mammoth pin sessions). So I’ve pulled some of my favourites here to showcase them and get me ready to learn all about it during the workshop.


via Prism of Threads via Tory Birch via Anthropologie  via Amy Nguyen

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  1. MaciNic says:

    I’ve been really enjoying all your pins & can’t wait to see what all of you dye over the weekend – so sad I can’t make it 😉

    1. Susan Goodwin says:

      seriously it was SO MUCH FUN!

  2. Kristy says:

    Have fun! I wish I could have made it to the workshop, that skirt looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you make

    1. Susan Goodwin says:

      sad you couldn’t make it but there is already talk of another one. Such beautiful and unpredictable results.

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