Sewing Adventures: Girls Japanese knit skirt


After the fun of making the City Gym Shorts for my niece I decided to make something else for her.

A few weeks ago I won a copy of Cucito on Instagram. I was so excited as it was so unexpected. It arrived in a lovely parcel and I fell in love with this gorgeous knit skirt (and pretty much every other style in the magazine).


From the stash I grabbed this 2 faced knit. It’s wonderful soft and has spots on one side and stripes on the other, could there be a cooler fabric? The hem and the pocket openings are all bound using cotton bias binding, also from the stash.

bound hem

I traced out the pattern and didn’t make any adjustments from the instructions apart from attached the elastic in a slightly different manner. No big reason I just like doing elastic in a different way.

cucito knit skirt

It looks adorable, I so want it in my size for the summer! Making kids clothes is fun as it’s so speedy and everything looks cute at tiny sizes.

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  1. This is really pretty. You are great at matching fabrics and colours.

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      Thank you! Her favourite colours are gold, and pink so I hope she will like it, Also wishing I had a bit more of this knit. I’ve only got scraps of it and it’s so lovely and soft.

  2. Fabric Tragic says: Reply

    So sweet! Goodness I’d have kept that gorgeous spotty stripe all to myself – you are very selfless! 🙂

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      Is it still really selfless if I only had a really small amount that was too little to make myself something from?

  3. Nicki says: Reply

    Great use of this pattern! Glad you are loving the mag : )

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      am loving it! thank you so much!

  4. Angie says: Reply

    LOVE IT!!!!!!! It is so adorable and I just love those fabrics!!!

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      do you think anyone would notice if we all started dressing like kids? Why should they get all the cute clothes?

  5. Emma says: Reply

    you’ve got one lucky niece – this skirt is adorable and i imagine it will be super comfy to wear.

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      Thanks, I’m hoping she likes it. She is quite determined about what she wears.

  6. Really really cute! And I love the idea of using woven binding on a knit.

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      I cannot resist a bit of bias binding action, it’s so easy to add and can make such a statement.

  7. erin says: Reply

    It’s so adorable and those pockets are the cutest! I like the clothes in Cucito magazine, they are very cute!

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      I wish we could get Cucito all the time, and all the other wonderful magazines from Japan. They really have adorable pieces in them.

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