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Tom Ford

By Susan | June 19, 2014


When Tom Ford took over Gucci it was a total transformation.

Suddenly the catwalk shows weren’t just above the clothes but had this over hyped saturated cinematic quality that fairly oozed sex appeal.
While the styles were jaw dropping I always felt that they were best suited to the tall lean model types. So it wasn’t the styles I was after it was the branding.

Ford took one brand and made the whole thing cohesive. The shoes matched the dresses for sheer sexiness, the bags got names and became as desirable as the clothes. It was a master class in branding. It was so closely tied to his personna that when he left I wondered how it could continue. But continue it did and that’s when you noticed that the brand Tom Ford built around himself was himself. The impeccable clothes, the perfect 5 o clock shadow, all of it designed to showcase his personal style and ethos.

After Gucci he has created his own lines, directed a movie and headed up numerous other ventures all with unbeliveable style.

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