Me Made May 2014 Round Up

By Susan | June 25, 2014

So yeah I’m running late with my MMMay14 wrap up (notice that I’m sneaking it in before yet another month goes by).

This was my first year of participating in MMM and I loved it, though by the 3rd week I was thoroughly over having to take photos. I posted all of my photos on Instagram and half heartedly did some on Flickr. I find Flickr clunky and non user friendly and the new “have to have yet another password and log in” thing they have installed just bugs me. So I found Instagram much much more user friendly and in fact just downright friendly!

The interaction between participants totally made MMM a success for me. It was highly enjoyable, I made new friends, we gained new Spoolettes and it was just fantastic. That aspect alone would make me do it all over again next year.

Ok so onto the clothes. Thank goodness for a good shoe collection it helped hide the fact that I don’t have a full length mirror and so there was a lot of downward looking selfies being taken to show off at least the prints of what I was wearing. Also thank goodness for unseasonably warm weather. If the weather had actually been what it normally was I would not have fared very well at all.


It seems I wear a lot of

  • colours
  • florals
  • pink
  • dresses
  • skirts

and I’m ok with that. Go with your strengths and what you love is my theory.

Since MMM I’ve thought about my wardrobe more and I possibly wear jeans and a top more often than May suggests, but I find the ease of a dress very appealing. There is a reason the Japanese refer to them as a onepiece. It’s just one item instead of many you need to co ordinate.

I learnt I was missing some basics, jumpers, hoodies, t-shirts. Just simple everyday casual wear that was comfortable and fits into my lifestyle. I own these items but they are not ones that I have made. By only taking one photo a day you miss out on seeing when you change to comfortable around the house type clothes, workout wear (not me made but some is me designed) and less dressed up type pieces. Only because I was more likely to snap a photo on my way to work or a meeting than I was just wandering about the house.

It was fun. I like MMM and I think I found it incredibly easy to wear something I made everyday as I tend to do that already. Did I sometimes choose something new (and not just pull something out of the clean washing pile) just to get a different photo, yeah for sure. It also gave me an excuse to wear more of my shoe collection and that’s always a good thing!





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