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Everyone Deserves Pretty Knickers – Sewalong Part 3

By Susan | Comments: 2 | June 4, 2014

Ready to finish off your knickers? It’s so great that it is such a fast project and we can finish up so quickly.

By now you should have your knickers and your elastic.

1_knickers plus elastic

Take your waist elastic, fold in half and half again. Put a pin at each of the quarters.


Starting from the side seam pin the elastic on the inside of the waist at side seam, centre front, side seam, centre back and the last one will go to the side seam but we don’t want to pin that one just yet.

3_pinned elastic

Attach your elastic by overlocking/serging or zig zagging in place. You will need to stretch the elastic as you stitch it down. I’m going to use my overlocker because it’s all set up, but you don’t need to use one for this step. You’ll see my elastic is quite close to the edge but not right on the edge. When it is stretched it gets closer to the edge but a little buffer between edge and elastic also helps it glide through the overlocker a little easier.

4_attaching elastic

Stitch and pull the elastic to one pin, once you reach the pin then move it, stretch the elastic to the next pin and stitch down. By going quarter by quarter it’s not only easier it means an even distribution of gathers too.Keep going until you reach the last pin, the end of the elastic should now be matched to the side seam you started at. Stretch the elastic for the final quarter and stitch in place.

Your waist should now have elastic attached all the way around.

5_attached elastic

If you are using the 6mm elastic, follow the same technique for both leg openings.

To show how the lingerie elastic can be used I will be using it on the leg openings. You can use all 6mm or all lingerie elastic or a combination, it’s entirely up to you.

Overlock/serge or zig zag the raw edge of leg openings. Making sure you have caught in the edge of the gusset at you finish the edges.


Using an iron press 6mm – 1cm hem to the inside of the knickers (this photo makes them look the oddest shape! it’s just the photo though).

7_prseed hems

Taking your elastic, divide it into quarters as shown previously. Then divide the leg opening into quarters. Use a pin to mark each quarter.


Starting from side seam pin elastic to inside of hem edge with scallop edge pointing out.


Using 3 step zig or any stitch which allows stretch eg twin needle or zig zag top stitch the elastic in place. You will need to pull the elastic to stretch it as it is going on. Using the pins and quarters of the garment it will help get the stretch even around the entire leg opening.

10_attached elastic

Repeat for other leg opening.

11_both legs

Fold over the elastic at waistband to the inside of the knickers. Topstitch it in place using 3 step zig zag, twin needle or zig zag.


and you are all done. You’ve made knickers! yay!

How exciting you can now make your own knickers! All of these photos show The Charlotte Knickers but the same techniques can cover The Georgiana Knickers and The Lydia Knickers.

Once you have the techniques of the gusset and elastic sorted out you can try different fabrics and a range of different trims and accessories. Later in the week we will be talking more about how to add your design flair to your knickers, so be sure to check back for that.

Tomorrow we will be kicking off our second sewalong and this one is for The Jane Knickers. If you don’t already have a pattern ready to go, Kollabora is having a sale on The Jane Knickers so pop across and pick one up and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more sewing.

Don’t forget to tag all your Instagram and tweets with #everyonedeservesprettyknickers so I can see all your wonderful creations





  • Jo Muscat
    June 7, 2014

    Hi Susan, it was great to meet you at the Spoolettes last weekend! I am getting on the knickers bandwagon and am deciding which of your delicious patterns to start with – does the Charlotte pattern or designer manual include info to make the pretty edging like I can see on the Georgiana pattern? thanks heaps, Jo

    • Susan Goodwin
      June 8, 2014

      Hi Jo, Yes wonderful to meet you too! The pretty edging is just the roll hem of the overlocker. So you roll the hems and then topstitch on the elastic. It works for any of the patterns too (except for The Mary). Good Luck!

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