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Everyone Deserves Pretty Knickers – knicker making class

By Susan | Comments: 4 | June 2, 2014

sewmakecreate - knicker making class 1st June 2014 - 08

It’s been a few hours and multiple cups of tea and I’m finally recovering from the amazingness of teaching my first knicker class.

First up it was SO MUCH FUN and that was down to the lovely ladies in class of Mel, Stef, Carmen and Lyndall. They were all so enthusiastic and willing to give it a try that it made it a joy to teach them.

sewmakecreate - knicker making class 1st June 2014 - 06

The space at Sew Make Create was all set up with Janome machines and an overlocker for people to share and a beautiful big cutting table.

We went through how to find the right size, cutting on the bias, creating the gusset and then attaching the elastic. Along the way I was trying to make sure that everyone understood what I meant to not only do it in class with me there to help but more importantly to be able to do it once they got home.

sewmakecreate - knicker making class 1st June 2014 - 03

Overall we did really well, I wish we had another hour in class to help out as with many new techniques to learn I felt slightly cramped for time.

It was great and I so hope everyone keeps sewing knickers at home.

sewmakecreate - knicker making class 1st June 2014 - 10

If you’d like to come along to a class, there is a button on the sidebar that will take you over to what is on offer with dates and other information and more photos can be found on our flickr page.


  • Melanie
    June 2, 2014

    Great class Susan! You’re a wonderful teacher…so patient! I had a blast!

    • Susan Goodwin
      June 2, 2014

      Thank you! it was a whole lot of fun.

  • Carmen
    June 2, 2014

    It was such a fun class. I wish we have the whole day to work on our knickers. You were such an amazing teacher, will definitely recommend thus class to everyone! x

    • Susan Goodwin
      June 2, 2014

      Thank you! A whole day would be brilliant, so much fun to share the knowledge with everyone

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