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Everyone Deserves Pretty Knickers – Design

By Susan | June 8, 2014

What a week! Seriously thank you all so much, I hope you have had as much fun as I have.

We’ve had sewalongs, talked about inspiration, I’ve taught a knicker making class here in Sydney and now it’s time to wrap up the week.

While it’s sad to be wrapping up, this isn’t the end of the knicker making journey. I’m really hoping that this week has got you thinking about the smallest garments in your handmade wardrobe. While they may be small they need not be boring.

Every Measure Twice Cut Once pattern includes an extra we like to call The Designer Manual. This multipage manual gives you suggestions on how to take your standard pattern and push it further. How to add trims and extras to turn them into original creations.

So you can take a standard pair of knickers and add


The key is to make them suit your style, you can have them as lacy, sexy, cotton, practical or as frilly as you want. Now that the sewalongs have shown you how to construct the knickers themselves we will be showing you some more of these designer extras as tutorials in coming months. We also have plenty of other big things planned that we can’t wait to share. First thing we will be doing is creating a sewalong page on the site. This will make it an easy reference point for when you are next making knickers.

Become your own designer and have fun because Everyone Deserves Pretty Knickers.




Hi, I'm Susan. A designer living in Sydney, Australia.

Here I share tales of my sewing, my pattern collection and insights into what it's like to work as a professional fashion designer.

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