brownSometimes I feel like brown gets a bad rap because of the way it sounds. Brown. Harsh start and slightly wet ending, it’s not pleasant.

The colour itself is not too bad. Tans, taupes and mid shades of brown make for some good neutrals. It’s the solid mid to dark brown where it loses it for me. It has no life, it seems to suck light into and becomes flat and lifeless.

Or so I thought. I was proved wrong when it comes to wool. Wool excels in brown. The textures shine and shimmer and bring life to brown. Traditional tweeds with their flecks of golden yellow, cream and sometimes blue nestled in against the brown make my heart sing.

Certainly a case where the choice of fabric and texture, makes the colour come to life.

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  1. katie says:

    Ahh brown is one of my favourite colours, especially darker, cooler shades. I think it’s more interesting than black (and it looks so elegant with navy or black), and I like to match my clothes to my hair 🙂

    1. Susan Goodwin says:

      I do love brown and navy together it does create a very sophisticated colour palette. Am convinced brown hair allows for more wearing of brown, it always looks so good on brunettes.

  2. Kristy says:

    I find it so difficult to wear brown – I always feel a little blah and not very dressed up in brown for some reason! I see others looking fab in it, and it’s such a warmer colour than black, but I just can’t do it

    1. Susan Goodwin says:

      Do you think it’s a light hair thing? I can’t do it, you can’t with your pretty light hair? Maybe you need to have lovely brown hair to make it work and not feel blah?

  3. Catherine says:

    brown! oh wow i love it. especially when it is cut well and looks fitted. In high school while most girls were buying pink things, i really liked getting brown clothes. not in a boring wallflower kind of way, but i just really liked to pair it with other colours like one would do with black. Blue and brown go together really well!

    1. Susan Goodwin says:

      I can imagine you have some awesome brown outfits! it really feels like an overlooked colour as it doesn’t appear that often and when it does it’s almost an afterthought? But in Previous fashion cycles it’s been the central colour.

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