Technical drawings of garments

By Susan | May 7, 2014


Many of you have asked about the technical drawings included within the pdf patterns. Where did I get them, how are they done etc etc

They are all my drawings done using Adobe Illustrator.

I have a number of blocks I’ve developed over many years for swimwear, jeans, jackets, dresses or pretty much any style of clothing. I use these over and over to create all the various styles of technical drawings I need to produce. When necessary I just draw new ones to suit my needs.


These are all drawn proportionally so they look like what the actual garment will look like. And they include all the correct stitch lines, types of stitching, dart placements etc. If it is on the final garment it will appear on the drawing.

Very occasionally I will be asked to do fashion drawings, which I will do using either hand drawing or a combination of hand and computer illustration. These drawings are not technical, they can have distorted proportions and instead of being an aid to construction are seen as a way to capture the feeling of a collection or individual garment.

While they are beautiful and often very fun to do, the standard within the industry is a flat technical drawing that is easy to interpret and shows the details of the garments.

Using Illustrator I draw using either my mouse or a pen and tablet combination. I like using the tablet with the pen as it feels more like natural drawing and helps me to get curves to run smoothly.


When drawing instructions I use the actual pattern pieces shrunk down so it looks just like what you are looking at when you are sewing. Sometimes I need to distort the drawing to make it look more like the fabric, especially when showing seams that have been joined. As this is when the garment goes from flat panels to taking on a dimension so the drawings need to relate that to you.

I hope that helps explain the drawings, if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask. Oh and I am available to hire should you need any drawings done?




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