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By Susan | Comments: 2 | May 16, 2014

redRed, a pure bold statement colour. The colour of love, the carpet of Hollywood and a rich statement of style and confidence.

I really like red, it takes on an almost fluid inky like depth when worn on it’s own but it also makes a denim outfit pop with the combination of indigo and red.

It seems harder to find when searching for fabrics. Somehow pink in all it’s shades has become easier to find than red. Is it because it’s so hard to perfect red? Too much yellow in the base and suddenly you are into an orange red territory which only those who favour Autumn tones can wear. Add some blue to the base and you get a richer more vibrant red. One that I find is more flattering as it goes with more colours.

Within the stash there is a few metres of a wonderful sandwashed silk in a perfect blue base red colour. It was given to me as a present and I’m yet to find a style special enough to cut into it. But every so often I take it out, give it a pat and put it back in the box. It will be a statement dress so I want to ensure I get the statement correct before I cut into it.

Zac Posen Dress red cyclist via PopBee Red Dress via The Sartorialist Alexa Chung in red lace from Net-a-Porter magazine

As always there is a Red board on Pinterest for you to take a look at for more inspiration


  • Alex
    May 17, 2014

    As you say, its often hard to find just the right shade of red. I love it’s vibrancy and sass. I am still on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick as well!

    • Susan Goodwin
      May 17, 2014

      oh good luck withe the lipstick search! I found my perfect red lipstick forever ago and as I so rarely wear it, still have it. I have to have a large amount of blue to make it work for me.

      Also isn’t sass just a wonderful word? it totally sounds like what it is!

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