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By Susan | May 15, 2014


Galliano has long been on of my favourite designers. I loved the sheer over the top, put as many influences as we can into one outfit and then make it bigger type of style that he has. Naturally along with everyone else I was horrified to hear the dreadful things he said and his downfall. I did debate not adding him to this series but I thought that would be disingenuous as he really is an influence to my work.

I am in no way excusing any of what he said by saying I admire his talent and design. What he did as a designer was breathtaking and innovative and often moved me to tears just from it’s sheer beauty and majesty, it’s that spine tingling expression through fabric that I celebrate.

From the slinky bias cut dress to the cinched waists and full skirts of the styles above, I loved it all. Fabric became architectural, multilayered and embellished to an inch of it’s life and then it was shown with more precision than a broadway show.

Sometimes I just want to capture just a tiny bit of all that drama and harness it into an everyday piece. Something that becomes an icon around which a wardrobe and style can be built. Until I can make that happen I will continue to admire the drama of the clothes.

Image credits pink dress Photo by Chris Moore/Catwalking/Getty Images) found via Yellow Paper Dress Maroon Dress via Zimbio Lemon Dress via TeaCupsandCouture Green Ombre Via Telegraph UK photo by Stephen Look

These designer influences are in no particular order and as I really did debate if I should add Galliano or not I figure I might as well get the controversy over with at the start.





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