Everyone Deserves Pretty Knickers week is here!


I cannot say just how excited I am to be kicking off Everyone deserves pretty knickers week. It’s going to be so exciting!

Honestly sewing your own knickers leaves you with this amazing feeling of accomplishment and triumph and I want everyone to be able to experience that.

Over the week we will be covering 2 sewalongs, inspiration and design.

The first sewalong will be for The Charlotte Knickers but the same construction method applies to The Georgiana Knickers and The Lydia Knickers so you can choose the style that suits you best.

The second sewalong will be for The Jane Knickers. These are a super sweet knicker than can be worn as pyjamas or for lounging about in hot weather.

Sunday – Inspiration

Monday – Sew along 1 – Bias cutting and gusset construction

Tuesday – Sew along 1 – side seams and attaching elastic

Wednesday – Sew along 1 – top stitch elastic

Thursday – Sew along 2 – cutting and crotch construction

Friday – Sew along 2 – yoke, hem and elastic

Saturday – Design

Some other fun things will also be happening during the week so keep checking back in. If you use bloglovin you can follow us using the button in the sidebar.

Be sure to use the hashtag #everyonedeservesprettyknickers on all your makes for the week.

Cut and paste the code below to add the pretty knicker lady to the sidebar of your blog

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7 Comment

  1. MaciNic says:

    Ohhh, thank you! The time has come at last to get to them!! 😉 Pretty knickers for all!

  2. velosewer says:

    Everyone deserves pretty knickers.

    1. Susan Goodwin says:

      Yes they do!

  3. Catherine says:

    awww im so sad i cant sew along. I didn’t even know it was coming up so i’ve missed out. not to worry! i will make my own undies one day!

    1. Susan Goodwin says:

      yes another time when you have a moment to sit and make them and enjoy the process, much better than rushing it in a busy week.

  4. Melanie says:

    I had fun making my pair of knickers today…once I master that elastic they’re going to be a great, easy project (and good for scrap busting too)!

    1. Susan Goodwin says:

      Had great fun today, elastic is just getting used to pulling the elastic toward you while feeding it into the machine away from you. You will have it sorted in no time and then lots of pretty knickers!

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