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By Susan | Comments: 2 | May 8, 2014


There is a wonderful Stella McCartney quote that I read years ago and has always stuck with me. In an interview Stella was asked what other designers does she wear. Her response was if I’m wearing other designers pieces it means I’m not doing my job right.

I love that. Because if as a designer you are spending all your time wanting someone else’s designs then you aren’t working hard enough.

As a sewer though, I love seeing others ideas. How they translate different fabrics and trims into garments. Not to copy them but to get ideas on going the extra mile to make garments really interesting.

For the next few weeks I’ll be sharing one designer a week who has had an influence on me. I’ll talk about why I like their style and what they taught me. As a designer I feel like it is all interconnected in the establishment of my own personal style. Many places I have worked I design to a specific brief or client so it’s not what I would wear or want but about the ability to see what the customer would want. Which is a great ability to have, to see what others want. When I flip it around though, I want to see what exactly it is that I want and how to translate that into the styles that I sew.

I hope you will enjoy the series of posts I have planned and perhaps even find something that inspires you too?

Image credit left to right: Motti – Tokyo, Marc Jacobs Photo by Chris Moore/Catwalking/Getty Images) found via YellowPaperDress



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