From pastel to vibrant, fluro to matte, I love pink. In every shade and variation I will wear it, buy it, sew with it and more than once I have gone literally head to toe in it. Pink hair, pink dress, pink shoes. I just love it.

Not only do I find it massively cheering and fun to wear but it suits me! With pale complexion of pink tones I can overdose on pink and instead of looking washed out it makes me look more vibrant.

The odd thing is I barely wore it as a child, I certainly didn’t have a pink barbie princess room and the entire love affair with pink didn’t start until well into my twenties. Now I have so much of it I often have to make a conscious decision to not keep getting more.

Despite having a lot of pink it tends to make things easy as so much of my wardrobe co ordinates together, so if you find a colour that suits you, go for it!

To see more Pink, take a look at my Pinterest board dedicated to the colour.

1- pink dress via coolgirlstyle on flickr 2 – pink jacket via Stockholm Streetstyle 3- my own photo using the Waterlogue App

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  1. Bec says:

    I heart pink too! Bubblegum pink all the way 🙂

    1. Susan Goodwin says:

      It’s just such a happy colour!

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