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Something Sparkly

By Susan | February 27, 2014


1 – sequin purse via Vila Clothes Blog 2 – sequin skirt via The Sartorialist    3- gold sequin jacket – struggling to find the original link for this one, if someone knows can you let let me know? 4 – sequin shorts via Fashiolista

Last night I was walking home and passed Miss Chu’s this cute little place that specialises in rice paper rolls. They have an outdoor seating area that is a miss match of school chairs, random desks and tables all decorated with banana leaves and strings of pepper lantern lights.

All this miss matched but amazingly well put together decor is not what caught my eye. There were 4 women having dinner. They were laughing and smiling and looked so healthy and happy, it was a joy to see.

One of them had paired a black sequin jacket with a t shirt, jeans and flats. It was so effortlessly cool. Just laid back and easy with this shimmer that reflected under the twinkling lights of the paper lanterns.

So naturally I am now thinking about adding a little bit of sparkle to my wardrobe?

Do you like to add a bit of shimmer to your wardrobe? What works for you?




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