Sewing Adventures – Pleated skirt

By Susan | February 12, 2014

This is not from the stash of fabrics but the stash of unfinished objects of the sewing kind.

pink pleated skirt

I’ve previously made this fabric up into a dress. When I was cutting out the dress I also cut out a skirt. At the time I didn’t have enough fabric for a waistband out of the same fabric and had planned a contrast waistband. Anyway life happened and the skirt never got made. The dress however got worn a lot and faded really really quickly and was soon quite a lot paler.

When I found the cut out skirt I almost didn’t make it up, as I didn’t want the whole faded thing to be an issue. But it’s hot and I’m stashbusting so I thought a quick no nonsense style skirt might be handy in the summer? And if it only lasts the summer due to poor quality fabric then that’s ok too. I also wanted to try out the skirt portion of this Simplicity pattern as I really like it as a dress. You can see on the hem where I have allowed for the fading by using a paler pink thread. This way the fading won’t be so obvious this time round.

So after a quick sew I used a wide elastic for the waistband (hello 80’s style) and it was done. It’s good for kicking about and I may perhaps make this style of skirt again if I find appropriate fabric in the stash.




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