More Sewing and Cycling

By Susan | Comments: 2 | February 13, 2014

Our first sewing and cycling adventure was so much fun that we decided to try again.

This time our destination was Cabramatta but with so many fabric stores in such close proximity we thought there wouldn’t be much cycling?

cycling and sewing layout 2

Luckily Eleana knew a great cycle path that connect a local train station with Cabramatta. Meeting at the station we followed her along the way. It was a really nice ride, quiet and much of it on cycle ways or low traffic streets and took no time to make it to Cabramatta and find a coffee shop.

As usual there was a bit of a fabric and pattern swap and discussion of planned purchases.

Then it was time to hit the fabric stores.

A much needed noodle lunch break

Then more shopping.

I had somewhere to be so I dashed to jump on the train leaving the others to continue shopping and cycling.

Once again another fabulous day of cycling and sewing related adventures.


  • Velosewer
    March 3, 2014

    Now that I know you’re a cyclist, let me know when you’re planning your next cycling and sewing trip. I’ll bring a back pack to suit 🙂

    • Susan Goodwin
      March 3, 2014

      that would be lovely to have you along for a cycling and sewing day. No need for the back pack I’ll take the shopper bike it’s got a basket and huge panniers!

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