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Gone but not Forgotten

By Susan | Comments: 4 | February 18, 2014

During December I lost a great friend who overflowed with talent. While on holiday overseas I found out that my hairdresser Ben had passed away. He was only a few months older than me and I had just seen him on Wednesday to get my hair done and now he was gone.

For the past 13 years I had seen him every 8 weeks like clockwork to get my hair done and it was always something I looked forward. We would gossip and talk over huge life matters and chat for hours on end. He would come to parties and give me advice and look out for me. He was a great friend and an amazing hairdresser. A few hours with him and you would walk out looking like a rock star and feeling fabulous.

I wanted to do something to honor his talents and so here is just a fraction of his amazing work with my hair.

susan hair

I never asked or told him what to do. I just went in and he did his thing and it always worked. From Mohawks to shades of pink, purple and blonde, all lengths and styles he gave me magic hair every single time.

Goodbye Ben, you may be gone but you are not forgotten. Here’s to all the times we spent laughing together.



  • Gjeometry
    February 19, 2014

    Aw. Sorry to hear 🙁 Too young, too soon.

    • Susan Goodwin
      February 19, 2014

      Thank you. Is very sad, and as you say too young too soon.

  • Helena
    February 20, 2014

    So sorry for your loss of a great friend.

    I do like your hair collage.

    • Susan Goodwin
      February 20, 2014

      Thank you for your condolences, its always so sad to lose a friend.
      It was however quite nice to go back and see all his creations. I used to take a photo in my mirrored lift each time I had been to see him so it serves as a wonderful collection of his work.

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