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I did it again, I made another skirt!

pattern runway skirt 2

I’ve been enjoying my first Pattern Runway skirt so much that I made another. I actually made this one a few weeks ago but was too embarrassed to admit to making yet another skirt for the 3rd week in a row.

This version is in a lovely cotton I picked up forever ago at The Remnant Warehouse and it has been languishing in my stash ever since. Now I’m not entirely sure what I got it for at the time as I only bought a small amount and it has all together too much orange in it for me to want to use it for a dress, I can only imagine I had it mind as some kind of trim or to pair with something else?

By cutting it on the opposite grain I managed to squeeze it onto the amount I had purchased. I even managed to get the pockets too. The side seam pockets are fantastic, just one small thing. I need to move them up. I had shortened the skirt pattern last time I made it up but as I had omitted the pockets on that one I hadn’t measured their placement in relation to my own arms. This time I just matched the notches and sewed and well they could be slightly higher up for me. I’ve written a note to myself on the pattern for next time, because we all know there is going to be a next time with this pattern.

So it seems that I have finally come around to being a skirt wearing person! I’m now totally open for suggestions on your favourite skirt and top combinations as I’m keen to sew some more.

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  1. I really love this fabric – I need to get to Cabramatta soon for some fabric shopping (and some tasty eats too). I like this pattern as well – sadly too small for moi.

    1. Susan Goodwin says: Reply

      I think a Cabramatta trip should be arranged soon! so much fabric and so many tasty eats too!
      This skirt is super easy to make a big bigger if you need? The waistband is straight and it’s basically a big gathered on slightly rectangle for the skirt. So if you added what you need to the waistband and then some into the skirt panels it would work fine.

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