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By Susan | December 5, 2013

I’ve been thinking about skirts a bit lately.


1. elastic waist skirt  2. Green Pattern  3. Pattern knee length skirt  4. Gorman skirt

I’ve never been good with a skirt, as I kid I spent more time climbing fences and riding my bike that I just wore shorts all the time, a box pleated skirt for high school while a flattering uniform did little to endear me to them.

A few years back I fell in love with a denim skirt that I adored and spent most of the summer and part of the winter wearing. But apart from that, my forays into skirts seem to well, not work.

I’m short and have the legs of a cyclist so mini skirts are pretty much out and while knee length dresses look great when its a knee length skirt, I look well frumpy. All too short and wide and just odd proportions.

And yet I keep seeing them on girls in the street and photographs on the net and well, they just look so cool.

Can anyone suggest a pattern that might turn my relationship with skirts around?




Hi, I'm Susan. A designer living in Sydney, Australia.

Here I share tales of my sewing, my pattern collection and insights into what it's like to work as a professional fashion designer.

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