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By Susan | December 16, 2013

Well it seems I have gone from no skirts to a little bit of a skirt obsession (can 2 be an obsession? or is it more of a set?) I’ve gone from no skirts to 2 skirts in under a fortnight!

pattern runway skirt

This latest creation is based on Pattern Runway free skirt pattern and made up in some voile from a recent Spotlight purchase. It seems to be a popular fabric with it popping up on Top Notch and Sew Brunswick and a number of sewers on Instagram and Twitter seem to have scooped some up too.

First up the pattern, I made a few small adjustments. I didn’t bother with the side seam pockets. The fabric is very lightweight and I was worried if I had pockets and put something in them and then was riding on my bike to do messages that the stuff would either fall or or potentially damage the lightweight fabric.
I shortened the length by about 20cm, and it is now just below knee length. No the pattern isn’t giant, I’m just really short.
I added about 5cm width to the centre front and centre back of the skirt but not the waistbands or the lining.The fabric is so lovely and lightweight and the pattern so pretty that I thought a few extra gathers won’t matter. Plus with the voile lining had the potential to make the skirt slightly less transparent. I used white voile for the lining and cut the waistband in the white, interfaced that and then placed the coloured voile on top. This way I got the strength I needed but I didn’t ruin the coloured fabric by being able to see the interfacing through the waistband.
Sewing it was very simple, in fact the hardest thing was locating a new extra fine needle to go into the machine to ensure a nice sharp stitch. The elasticated back makes it very comfortable and has the added bonus of not needing to put in zip or buttons! I did a smaller double turn hem as I thought it would work better in the fine fabric.

I really like it and am already planning to make another version. The pattern is fabulous and I cannot recommend it enough, not only is it a cinch to sew it’s free! So fab!

Hope you all had a productive weekend of sewing too?




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