DIY Christmas Decorations

By Susan | December 19, 2013

Last Christmas season while pinning away on Pinterest I came across this fabulous DIY of covered baubles.

patchwork baubles

It got me thinking and soon I was raiding my small scraps tub for Liberty and Liberty style florals. Armed with my pinking shears I started cutting and cutting and cutting some more. Soon I had quite a bundle of small fabric swatches.

Next stop was getting some baubles. Off to reverse garbage I managed to score an entire box for under $5 and looking in the back of my own cupboard I found some very cute teeny tiny ones that are just so sweet.

Armed with an old paint brush and some watered down fabric glue I got to work. As I moved around each bauble I found that threading a bamboo skewer through the hanging section made it a lot easier to hang on to, not to mention way less messy, as by this time my hands were covered in glue.

Soon I had baubles on skewers propped up inside jars all over my desk. After a good 24 to 48 hours drying time I had so many pretty baubles.

Now some made their way to the new homes and trees last Christmas, but many more are on their way this Christmas (I so hope this post doesn’t spoil anyone’s surprise too much).




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