Mini Obsession – scarves

Ok confession time, I can’t knit and when it comes to crochet I can make a chain, just a single long chain that I can’t seem to join anything  on to?

The Englishman on the other hand watched a few YouTube clips and can crochet like a boss and will be turning out amigurumi figures in no time.

So when I say I’m in need of a knitted scarf it really means I’m buying the wool and sending it to my mum who will whip me up a scarf in next to no time. Or I’m scouring Etsy looking for a cool designer one.

Here are a few I’m loving at the moment


1. The Purl Bee  2. The Purl Bee  3. The Knit Kid  4. Yokoo

Does anyone else have any suggestions? I’m looking for something quite warm and snugly that will keep me warm during an English winter.