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By Susan | Comments: 1 | November 18, 2013

What a wet and wild weekend here in Sydney. Wet weather is perfect for sewing….then again what weather isn’t perfect for sewing?

 orange and lila square dress

Finished up this Simplicity style which is yet another Cynthia Rowley design (I do like her style). The fabric is from Cabramatta (a suburb of Sydney well known for it’s bargain fabric shopping) and I think the entire dress cost like .50 cents?

Now this one may yet end up a disaster. I have made the exact same pattern before and it fits well. So bouyed by the success of the last time I made this style I went ahead and finished the whole dress without trying it on. It was only when trying it on that I realised the fabric has zero give in it. I actually got stuck in the dress when trying to get out of it. Minor panic attack time.

I’ve now gone back and reduced all the seams, let out the darts a bit and even moved the front opening. It’s still a bit tough to get in and out of but it looks good. Am hoping that with time it will relax a bit? Sadly that wasn’t the only downfall with this make.

Now I love my sewing machine, it is simple and a super hard worker and I treasure it as it was a present for my birthday/doing well in fashion college from my parents. But I don’t love it’s buttonholes. They are a bit wimpy. Just not enough stitches to create a nice polished look. I generally end up doing 2 buttonholes one on top of the other to make the buttonholes stronger. With the buttonholes being quite literally front and centre on this dress it just makes me go hmmm a bit and wish for a more professional finish.

Despite setbacks of not quite enough give and not quite professional looking buttonholes, it looks good and will be a welcome addition to the work wardrobe.

I hope you all had productive weekend’s too?

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