Sewing Adventures – cycling caps

By Susan | October 14, 2013

Another Monday morning and we are well and truly into summer! This weekend was glorious long sunshine filled days and more than a little warm too.

Sewing wise I spent the entire weekend making and packing orders for Rocket Fuel. With it being practically peak cycling season it’s nice to see so many packages heading off to new homes.


I normally try and do all my orders during the week and then spend at least one day of the weekend doing some sewing for myself but sometimes there are extra orders. I like sewing the caps though, as I like to imagine the life they are going on to live.

A snappy wool might be destined for a Tweed Ride, a sturdy cotton with club colours might be bound for weekend races and a collection printed with nicknames are due for a lads weekend of cycling and camping in lieu of a bachelors party.

It’s fun to marry 2 of my big passions of sewing and cycling together.

Hope you all had a wonderful sewing filled weekend too?




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