Sewing Adventures

By Susan | October 28, 2013


This dress has been hanging round the “to finish” pile longer than I care to remember. I pulled it out over the weekend, attached the sleeves, added a centre back zip and ran some bias binding round the neck and it was done. It was so easy I was wondering why I had left it for so long?

I’ve used this Simplicity 2846 pattern before and it worked out well. Previously it was in a heavier weight wool herringbone which I got a lot of use out of throughout the winter time. This version is a cotton I took from mum’s stash some time ago. The polka dots are actually tiny little flocked spots. Which makes pressing an interesting challenge as to get the iron hot enough to get the cotton straight makes the polka dots come off!

It was while pressing that I discovered potentially why it had been in the “to finish” pile so long. I’d added the pockets before putting in the darts. I could even see some marks where I must’ve attempted the darts at some time? After a quick try on I decided if I added a belt then I don’t need to worry about the darts. I used my cummerbund style belt I got from Antipodium forever ago, which is not only supremely cute but incredibly comfy.

So how dd your weekend sewing go? get any pesky projects out of the way?




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