Mini Obsession – embroidery

An image of an embroidered garment keeps popping up on my Pinterest timeline.

embroidery lust

Every time I see it my heart skips a beat. I just love it.

The drama of the curve, the oversize cross stitch, the colours, the detail of it, just everything about it makes me feel a little breathless. It is from Anthropologie and unsurprisingly sold out.

I’ve been thinking how I can use a little bit of embroidery in my own sewing. I’m quite a speedy hand sewer so I don’t think the task would be too long. Plus I have a lot of long train commutes to use up. A bit of stitching on the train might help take away the tedium of the commute?

Perhaps a collar, or a bodice? Even a wide hem would be cute. Not sure yet how it will happen but I will work out a way of getting a bit of stitching into my wardrobe.

Till then I am sure that image will keep popping up and making my heart skip.

What about you? What details make your hearts flutter?