Mini Obsession – coloured hair

It’s coming up to getting my hair done again. This is a very regular occurrence but I still love it. Ben my hairdresser is brilliant and I have been seeing him for years.

I’ve been almost every shade of blonde, pink, purple, lilac imaginable. I’ve been blue (looked fantastic till the first wash then was a weird dishwater colour?) I’ve been red which made me look far more like raggedy Anne than I care to. I’ve even had a flash of neon green.

I never decide what I’m getting done I just go in and relax and come out with amazing hair. But still these images have been providing some strong inspiration.

coloured hair

lilac hair, long pink hair, pink hair, mint hair

Promise to let you know what colour I come out this time!

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  1. Wow! Nice looking… I’ve inspired. Can you please tell more details about hair style? What steps do you follow? I would like to hear from you.


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